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Inspired by true events, this retelling of an American tale is the coming of age story of Little Joe, a Latinx boy who must choose to save his family or follow a dream.


Along the way, he must learn from his Future self how to stay alive amidst the violence and poverty-stricken underbelly of America and fight for a dream he never knew he could live for.


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The mission

From the Creative Team

It's simple - Inclusion

We are setting out to redefine what it means to be an “American” in the United States today, specifically by telling our story through the viewpoint of the "Mezcla"--the mix of all the colors, shapes, and backgrounds in the Latinx community.


The people of the Mezcla number in the millions in the U.S. and are under-represented in TV and Film. By telling our stories we expand the definition of "American", and extend understanding of the Latinx experience.

To truly tell our story we felt we needed a team that understood what it’s like to be Latinx in America, so our creative team is comprised of over 70% women and an amazing mix from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. By redefining who is "American," we are challenging stereotypes and preconceived notions to create a truly inclusive picture of life in the United States. This is why we believe This Boy's Vida: Made in America is so important.



...she glows with beauty, despite her poverty. Long, thick, black hair, her skin is the color of coffee and milk. She gets Gloria Estefan during her Miami and Sound Machine days...

Our story opens on the Supermercado [Supermarket] as Maria pulls into a parking lot and firmly states to her two kids  'Solo lo que necesitamos”- Only what we need.


Joe and his sister Cynthia are forced to grow up fast in order to survive a world ready to tear them apart.

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